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Our Story

What makes us gnarly

The roots of next level jerky

Our story begins as most do, with an idea and some paper in hand. Except, in our case though it was Butcher’s paper. We carefully crafted and created our mouth-watering jerky from the heart, first one flavor combo, then another and soon GNARLY Premium Cut Jerky was born.
Curated recipes with only the finest ingredients. The best proteins from the largest purveyors of fine beef, poultry and pork in the golden state with freshness you can taste and a difference you will immediately recognize in every bag of our GNARLY Premium Cut Jerky.
Our founder and master chef is Dayna Haupt. Dayna began her taste journey thirty years ago and following stops in fine dining and running her own restaurant she found her passion for weaving complex flavors into great healthy snacks you can be proud to share with your family.

Open your first bag, take your first bite and you’re ours for life!