The Gnarly Jerky Augmented Reality App is now live!

The Gnarly Jerky Augmented Reality App is now live!

Do you enjoy jerky?  Do you also enjoy augmented reality experiences? Well we have it all for you!

The new Gnarly Jerky app, now available for iOS and Android phones, is a never-before-seen experience for the jerky lover.  Each experience is unique and interactive and allows you to pose with the Gnarly Jerky bull mascot, tinker with full-sized NASCAR inspired vehicles, or play a fun game of skill with the Gnarly Monster Truck. 

Fans can trigger and enjoy AR experiences by visiting the all-new Terrible Herbst store in Las Vegas, the Gnarly Jerky street team at various events, or by simply purchasing one of our new Gnarly Jerky bags.

You can also share the fun with your friends via social media by posting a picture or video of your AR experience!  Use  #gnarlyjerky, #gnarlyride, or #gnarlymoments and get featured on our website, as well as enter our various promotional giveaways.

Download the app from the Apple App Store here, or the Google Play Store here.

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